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Rustic Oak

These floors are the basis of the collection. The quiet earthy and wood-own tones in combination with a sophisticated brushing make these wooden floors suitable in each house. In a colorful and full interior the Rustic Oak floor brings peace. Where, in a modern and more hushed interior the subtle natural shades give the room just more warmth and coziness.

Vintage Oak

The floors of the Vintage Oak collection are made of wood with character. Natural colors are the basis of this attractive collection that will give your home a personal and nostalgic look. The floors are processed until they have this beautiful, weathered look reflecting a floor where generations have lived on. A floor from this range is characterized by the sawcuts that provide an extra aged appearance.

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190 x 19 cm x 1,5 mm – 4 mm wear layer (4 sided V-groove)

  • Ultra strong floor thanks to the 4 mm wear layer;
  • Gives your living room authentic appeal;
  • Every plank is slightly different;
  • Natural, ecologically sound, timeless;
  • 25-year guarantee, quality assured!
IMG_1493_New Hampshire


Dimensions Dry back:
121,9 x 17,8 cm x 2,5 mm – 0,55 mm wear layer
Dimensions Click systeem:
121,3 x 17,1 cm x 5 mm – 0,55 mm wear layer

  • Vinyl flooring for a beautiful wooden plank effect;
  • The ideal floor to combine with underfloor heating;
  • Feels warm and soft;
  • Hygienic and maintenance-friendly floor; ideal when kids play on the floor;
  • 20-year guarantee.
Slaapkamer_56097268_New Hampshire_2


128,6 x 19,4 cm x 7 mm (2 sided V-groove)

  • A maintenance-friendly floor in eight top designs;
  • The natural look of a wooden floor;
  • A perfect, budget-friendly choice for the bedroom or living room, for example;
  • The V-groove along two sides of the plank enhances the real wood look;
  • 20 year guarantee.

Endless combinations for a beautiful end result

You can combine designs; choose two or more patterns to create your personal combination. The dry back vinyl version even allows you to make a herringbone floor!

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